Hat Embroidery Machines

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Hats are some of the most difficult pieces of apparel to embroider. The surface is curved so getting the alignment right is always a challenge. The front of the cap is thicker and needs different forces than just that for simple fabric. Hat World has placed hat embroidery machines in all of their stores so that customers can customize the hats with their name while they wait.

Due to the curved nature of hats along with the thicker seams embroidering hats can be a difficult proposition. Finding a hat embroidery machine or attachment for your existing machine can be difficult and expensive. Customizing hats can be a lucrative business if you have some good sales experience to market your business to local companies in need of advertising specialty items. Once you have found the right hat embroidery machine for the volume you need to produce you can begin to make custom hats.

Here are some tips to use your hat embroidery machine for fun and profit. You will need to find a couple of blank hat wholesalers to give your prospective clients a wide variety of options and prices to choose from. You will need to have bucket style, slouch, fitted, FlexFit and adjustable hats to choose from. Embroidery position is also a key to gaining an embroidery job. Some people only want embroidery on the rear of the cap. This area generally takes a much smaller stitch area than the front. Front embroideries generally can not be any higher than two and a quarter inches.

The embroidery can consist of a logo (which will need to be digitized), and existing pattern or stock design or text only. Text may be added to either stock designs or logos at the customer's request.

Keep in mind that you should charge a complete price for the hat and the embroidery as you need to charge for both the hat and a markup and the embroidery. Depending on how quickly you can digitize you may want to offer that service at no charge as an added value to your customer. Consider your wholesale hat supplier's minimum order requirement in setting your own minimums for special orders. If you wholesale source has a twelve hat minimum you should as well. A final word for using your hat embroidery machine for business; do not forget to factor in your time on each job and not just the materials when quoting a final price.