Iron and Wine for an Elegant Kitchen

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If you are like many others, your kitchen and dining area may be in serious need of an update. Iron and wine is the answer, if the elegant look of french vineyard is what you're looking for! And since these accents are in high demand these days, you will easily find what you need to transform your kitchen and dining room from dull to breathtakingly gorgeous in no time.

Wrought iron is used in abundance in iron and wine decor. You will find beautiful wall shelves with intricate scrollwork, perfect for hanging wine glasses. Cafe-style grapevine countertop wine bars add a sophisticated look to your decor and are very useful as well. A bakers style wine and glass rack will add dense character and beauty, as well as serve a purpose.

Candleholders are extremely popular in this style of decor also. Exquisite wrought iron wall candleholders with their ornate scrollwork designs are in high demand, as well as the grapevine tabletop style. A few well placed candles add elegance and warmth to any room!

When it comes to your walls, there are many choices in the iron and wine look. Wine bottle pictures are beautiful, with most having a distracted and vintage look – it's absolutely charming. Rich colored grape pictures add more color to your rooms and blend Perfect with your other decor. Porcelain decorator wall plates are another option, with their gorgeous colors and intricately designed iron hangers, a perfect addition!

As you can see, you have endless options when it comes to decorating your home in the elegant style of iron and wine. These are just a few suggestions to help you get started. Look through a few magazines, use your imagination, and soon you will have a kitchen and dining room with the mesmerizing aura of a french cafe!