The Huge Variety Of Ladies Shoes Available To You

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Shopping for shoes in your grandparent's day must have been a tedious affair. The choices were simply not there. For granddad the choice was a difficult one of brown lace up shoes or black lace up shoes. In the summer he might have had the excitement of buying a pair of brown sandals. Apart from that the only other excursion to the shoe shop was to buy a pair of carpet slippers. For your grandmother it was not a great deal more exciting either. Once in a blue moon she may have had the thrill of a new pair of high heels but apart from that, it was sensible brown walking shoes and just for a bit of levity, a pair of pink slippers with a white pom-pom on top .

Now of course the choices are massive and with styles changing every season instead of it being a chore to find new shoes it is a real pleasure. Ladies in particular are spoiled for choice. All women are of course generally more more style conscious and knowledgeable about changing fashions than most men. Men are unaware of subtle changes in fashion and the need to keep abreast of it in the way women are. Few men would think that buying a new suit or trousers should also mean a new pair of shoes to go with it. Women of course, are only too aware that a new outfit means a new pair of shoes as well. You can not buy one without the other.

Ladies shoes come in so many different shapes and sizes and styles that the selection for a man would be impossible to get right. All women will tell you that the best present a boyfriend can buy her are a new dress or some other article of clothing. Equally, all men know what an impossible task that is to undertake. The risk of buying the wrong size, the wrong color, or even just the wrong thing altogether is far too big a chance to take. To buy a girl shoes is even more daunting. For a start when you walk through the ladies shoes department in that expensive store, you get as far as Ladies shoe size six and then when you look closer you start to have doubts that this is the right size after all. Surely her foot does not fit here? Was it ladies shoes size 6 you were really trying to be checking out or was it another size alike? In the end your average man will sensibly not take such a risk and will walk out onto the street and look for a box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers. The risk of buying the wrong shoes as a present is simply too big a risk for any man to take. Think about how much damage that size 8 shoe is going to do to the side of his head when it realizes it is three sizes smaller.