Tips for Putting Together Outfit With Pink Shoes

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Pink shoes are the must-have accessory this spring, but trying to put together an outfit that looks good with them can be a little bit daunting for most women. If you match the shoes too closely to the outfit you can look overdone. On the other hand, if you do not match them to the outfit correctly it can look like you are wearing clown shoes instead of fashionable, stylish shoes. Here are some tips on how to wear pink shoes and how to plan an outfit that will look great with them, no matter what shade of pink you opt for.

Probably the easiest pink shoes to plan outfits around are soft pink shoes in shades like dusty pink or mauve. The muted tones of pink act almost as a neutral, making them easy to pair with just about any color. Try wearing soft pink shoes with true neutrals like khaki, navy, black or brown. The muted pink color of the shoe will lend a feminist touch to the outfit without making you look too childish or girly.

If you do want to go for a more girly feeling, opt for pink shoes in pastel shades like baby pink or rose. Pastel pink is a little bit trickier to work with when planning an outfit since it can tend to look very childish unless done correctly. First, choose pastel pink shoes that have a little bit classier, more grown up feeling to them. Try pairing shoes in these shades with a pair of white pants or a white skirt and a shirt in another soft color like aqua, pale blue, soft yellow, or light green. It is usually a good idea to avoid wearing a pink shirt that matches your shoes or you will look too overdone in pink. Pastel pink shoes also look nice paired with flowing summer dresses in pale hues or soft prints.

Bright pink shoes in shades of hot pink, fuchsia or magenta are a great way to make a lively statement with your outfit. When wearing a very bright shoe it is generally a good idea to keep the colors of your outfit fairly neutral and have the shoe be the center point of your outfit. Try wearing bright pink shoes with black slacks, skirts or dresses to add a fun-loving, energetic feeling to what could otherwise be a boring outfit. You can also wear a bright shoe with other colors between black. Some good choices may be bright green, turquoise, or yellow. The key is to not wear too many colors in your outfit along with a bright shoe. Try to stick with one main color along your shoe to avoid looking overly colorful or clown-like.

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