Shoe Buying Tips From an Insider Fashionista

Are you on your quest to find that perfect shoe for that special occasion? If you want to learn how to select and buy the right pair, then read on. We will cover some fashion basics as well as some insider tips in show shopping.

The Basics

First we need to review some of the basics, when it comes to show shopping.You must be comfortable in the type of shoe you will buy. Of course there are both sides who claim fashion before function. But I believe that you are a smart shopper and want to maximize your money. It doesn’t matter how fierce or cute they look. If it is not comfortable, then more than likely you will not wear them. And if you end up not wearing them, then that’s money down the drain.

Shopping Online?

You can try to buy them online. but its best that you want to try them on at the store. We will review some more tips later on in the article. If you brown online, you should make sure that the sizes don’t run big or you could be set up with a disappointment. Try to read some reviews on the sizing of other customers.

It’s a good idea to cross check with the website’s measurements to make sure everything is kosher. This is improve your chances of getting the perfect fit the first time.

What Color to Choose

Choose a show color that matches a majority of your wardrobe. Its best that it matches a variety of clothes from business casual to something sexy. To get the most usage for your pair, follow this rule. If you don’t you could end up wasting a lot of money for a pair that only goes with one outfit.

The more well-rounded the show, the easier it will be to dress up. In fact, I sometimes by two pairs because I know this design will go along with almost everything I own.

Try to stick with colors that go will with most colors. Some colors are black, brown and white. If you do decide to spend a little more on them, be sure they match more colors. Its just being fiscally conscious. We all have an outrageous pair of pink or rad shoes that are to die for, but don’t get used often. If you follow this rule that then most money for the shoes the more outfits it should match. Here’s a good example. If you find a pair of blood red pumps for $19, then buy them.

However, if it really costs $125 and it really only matches one skirt, then don’t. Another rule to follow is to no buy anything too trendy. Fashion trends come and go, but once you spend your money it’s gone. What might be hot right now, might not be so hot next season. Try to stick to your essentials.

Its best to buy a pair of shoes that can be worn new season or 1/2 of the year.

Shoe Buying Tip Recap

So let’s recap. Be sure to pick shoes that match a wide range of outfits you own. Make sure its not to trendy. And most importantly, make sure they are comfortable to wear and walk in. Tips for High Heels It’s important to know that high heels have been shown to cause some knee, back and foot pain. The reason behind this is due to the shortening of the calf muscles after prolonged use. As it effect the calf muscle, it transfers to the foot and can lead to pain. In addition, high heels put a lot of pressure on the forefoot area. This will lead to painful corns.

It’s better to choose a lower heel to help alleviate the pressure on the foot. Here are some of the best show shopping tips to help you get most out of your footwear hunting.

Try to buy shoes in the afternoon or after work as you feet swell during the day. It will help determine the true size of your foot in the real world. For sizing, the tip of the shoe and your longest toe should have a gap that is about the size of your thumb. This will allow for your toes to move freely without any pain. Its better to have a shoe with either a buckle or laces. This is ensure a snug fit and proper adjustments. The heel should be less than 2 inches in height. Lastly for more comfort, the soles should be made of rubber and the upper part made of soft leather.

If you follow this easy guide, then you will be well on your way to finding that perfect shoe that fits.