Spotlight on Shoes

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ช้อป Regalos ออนไลน์ หลากหลายสินค้ายอดนิยม |
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Shoes were originally made to protect their wearer’s feet from extreme heat and cold. But over the years, the simplicity of this purpose has evolved into something more aesthetic in nature. Shoes have since become a part of people’s personality. Some look at shoes to take a peek into the wearer’s character. It is said that clean or dirty shoes say a lot about the person.

Women are especially more particular with their footwear. They probably won’t even survive with just one pair. They love to buy and match different pairs with their different outfits and sometimes, they spend enormous amounts just to add to their growing shoe collections. Fancy clothes, accessories and, of course, shoes these are the things you will find in a woman’s closet. Men would never understand women’s affair with their shoes. High-heeled or flat, shoes are all objects of delight for the female eye. However, in terms of use, there can be some differences.

High-heeled shoes are not that easy to wear and can cause pain in the woman’s ankles or soles. Still, the sheer sleekness and attraction of this type of footwear is not something that will escape any girl’s fancy. When women wear high-heeled shoes, especially petites, they feel taller and their legs look longer. Thus, these shoes somehow add to their self confidence. Stilettos, in particular, are very enticing to women.

On the other hand, some women choose the simplicity and flexibility of flat shoes. Of course, comfort is the number one reason why they would rather not wear heels higher than one centimeter. Flats, unlike high heeled footwear, do not cause any pain in the ankles or soles and women simply like the mobility that they offer.

Pumps are another type of women’s footwear which are a cross between stilettos and flats. Heels of pumps are about one-and-a-half to two inches long. These shoes can be very comfortable yet elegant at the same time. Usually, these are what women wear to the office or to attend casual daytime social events.

Stilettos, flats or pumps, women all love shoes and are passionate about them. Needless to say, women enjoy the fun of mixing and matching their different outfits with their different shoes which come in different colors and styles as well.

However, whether they’re worn by men or women, the choice of shoes is generally considered a pillar in any outfit. A woman, for example, can change her complete look without changing her clothes. Just a switch of shoes and everyone will see a noticeable difference.