Tips For Teething Babies

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When our baby is teeth we often feel helpless, and sorry for our little one. You know they are going through some pain, and that we are limited to what we can do. Teething is not fun for any baby, but there are things we can do to help! Consider a few of these tips to help out your little one while they're teething.

Frozen – Try to give them frozen things to chew on. Anything like frozen peas, carrots, etc will help. The coolness will help numb some of their pain. Once you do this, they will be certain to eat away!

Toys – There are several toys on the market that are known to help your baby while they're teething. A very popular tea toy are "Raz-Berries". You can find them at any baby store, and they seem to help babies pretty well!

Washcloth – If you're looking for a fast cure, try taking an ice cube, and placing it in a cold washcloth. The cold washcloth and the ice cube will feel very good on their soar gums. It will soothe and numb it almost instantly.

Medicine – If no matter what you're trying is not working, try to give your baby some soothing medicine. Over the counter medicines like Orajel, will help your baby fall sleep better at night, and help them during the day. These medications are supposedly to numb, and give a cool soothing feeling your little ones gums.

Teething hurts, and it takes time to get over. Therefore, this can go on for a few weeks! Try to get your baby feeling better from the beginning, so that way they do not have to suffer for so long. There are many remedies, but if you're looking for faster relief now, consider these tips listed above.