Samsung LCD HD TV

Samsung has produced a great new television with many important features. The Samsung 19 inch lcd TV is equipped with high definition capability. This product features a high quality picture and sound system that make the viewing experience more enjoyable for you. This television is a great fit in any room because it minimizes space. However its small size doesn’t take away from the high quality home theater experience that this product provides you.

The picture of the Samsung 19 inch LCD TV is simply outstanding. The 720p resolution allows you to see crisper and clearer images. The 15,000:1 contrast ratio creates greater brightness levels that really make the scenes on the screen come to life. The colors are extremely vivid and the color enhancer allows you to adjust the picture to your preference. Even darker scenes now appear bright and are more visible than ever before. The Samsung 19 inch LCD TV also features new technology that allows you to sit closer to the television without noticing the pixels. Therefore you can sit 1.5 to 3 times the screen size away from this product while on regular televisions it is 3 to 6 times away.

The Samsung 19 inch LCD TV has a built in tuner which allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations whenever you want. A high quality receiver connects the television to a satellite which enables you to listen to the radio. This product also features a built in sound system known as SRS TruSurround. These speakers are built especially for hdtvs and they are have excellent audio quality. With these speakers the Samsung 19 inch LCD TV provides a virtual surround sound experience. Therefore you don’t need to waste money on buying extra speakers in order to experience surround sound. The audio levels are easily adjusted by a turn of a dial and the speakers provide a thrilling experience during action movies.

This product also features a 8ms response time which is extremely fast for HD TVs. This pretty much negates any blurring that may occur and always produces smooth and crisp motion. The Samsung 19 inch LCD TV can be wall mounted making it easy to view anywhere in the room. Playing video games on this HD TV is out of this world. Darker colors are enhanced and the high definition of the game makes the experience unforgettable.

The Samsung 19 inch LCD TV provides the viewer with a great viewing experience. With a high quality picture and sound system, it is easy to experience vivid colors and virtual surround sound. You can read reviews on this product and buy it on