Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man


There are a few rare movies that stick with an entire culture for any length of time. Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man is one of those movies. This 1991 flick stars Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson.

Now, the fact that the movie "stuck" with us in culture does not necessarily mean that it did well. In fact, it earned a dismount amount in theaters nationwide. Even so, there are many dedicated fans out there that love "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man."

The move starts off with the Harley Davidson Character in a Texas motel. He is listening to the radio when he hears about a drug called crystal dream. He forgets about the drug for the time being. Harley then meets the Marlboro man and they discuss their friend who is in the middle of losing his bar.

The pair decides to plan a bank robbery to help stop the bar from being demolished. Their plan is fooled when they discover that what they actually stopped was the Crystal Dream drug from Harley Davidson's dream. This creates even more drama as there are now some hit-men after Harley and the Marlboro man.

For those who are a fan of Mickey Rourke or Don Johnson (or both) this is a great film for you. No one is pretending that this is a film of a serious nature, but it is one that is great to kick back with your buddies to

The two lead actors are great compliments to one another. Where one falters the other looks to pick up gracefully. Together, they offer some of the best one-liners in film history. People quote some of the things they say day in and day out.

In addition to the two main characters you'll also find some great supporting characters. Tom Sizemore, Big John Studd, and Daniel Baldwin all offer stunning roles. Of course, you can not forget the women of the film. Tia Carrera and Vanessa Williams show the men how it's done.

This film will give you all the violence and action that you can handle. This one is probably best for a guys night in for a group that likes a rough and tumble time. Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man offer an unmatched value.