Baby Shower Ideas – What Do You Need?

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Baby shower party is perhaps a very special occasion for every mom and dad-to-be, especially for preparing the family and friends in welcoming their upcoming new bundle of joy. Setting up a baby shower party is usually done a month or weeks before the due date of the baby.

One of the most exciting part of being a woman or married life is having children. Having a child can give a different kind of happy feeling or bliss to the parents. For you to welcome this little bundle of joy to the and proudly let you family, friends and colleagues, you should know all of your pregnancy details and understand your joy; a major reason for you to celebrate a baby shower party. Although it is not traditionally initiated by the parents-to-be, it is often planned and scheduled by family members and friends.

Yes, you want to have a shower party for the upcoming little one, but the real challenge is where you must begin. Think if you really know what is a baby shower party all about, when and why you have to do it. These are very important considerations that you should take into account first before planning the event. A baby shower is a meaning and special time for every couple who conducted it. This is the best time that your family and friends will get to know your upcoming child’s gender. This is also one way to somehow help them choose the right color of gifts they will give when you already have delivered your child.

When talking about planning a shower party, it is quite obvious that your main focus is in the baby and next is his or her parents. Where to hold the party? It’s up to you, you can have it at home, which is often the case. Or, you can always rent or find a friend who has an access to a clubhouse or even owns one. Just make sure that the area is enough for the number of your guests. Then you can prepare tables or bar where there will be light snacks for them. Plan to have small programs also, like activities and games that can get the party going on. After which, you can then welcome your guests and telling them the menu for the day.

If there will be other kids in the party, you can also throw games for them. Make sure you have prepared game prize for each winner. You may want to spot a good place where to put the shower gifts, that are usually lots. You can open the gifts while your guests are still at the party and show them how you really appreciate their present. Plus, one more important thing during a baby shower party, this special event should have some remembrance. Prepare digital camera or video cam to capture funny and crazy times during the occasion.

Going back to shower gifts, often gifts that usually given are baby items like baby clothing, blankets, bibs, bathing supplies, baby furniture and the likes which are very useful for the child. Also, you could always include baby shower gifts for mom and dad. Aside from family gifts, of course you want to thank also your guests and they too deserves gifts. Gifts for the guests are in the form of shower favors, which are often cute and complements the party theme.

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