All About The Features of Apple iPhones

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There are many great and unique features to the iPhone. Not only does it display modern technology but it displays the beginning of new technology. There are many great iPhone features but I will only tell you about the best. The iPhone has a great email sending quantity which lets you send up to five pictures through each email. Another great feature is when you are playing your music and someone is calling you, the music player will automatically pause for you to take the call. Then it will automatically resume once you are done with the call.

If you want to access all your iPhone files on the computer, you just have to plug it into the computer and wait a little time for it to sync its contents to the computer. The iPhone has a great display and sound quality when you are watching YouTube videos. The iPhone is basically a small laptop but it is made to fit your hand, which is very convenient. If you want to change your viewing screen from portrait to landscape, you just turn it 90 degrees and it will automatically change the viewing screen. Now how cool is that. Another iPhone feature that is related to that one is when you are on your music player and want to switch the playing sequence to shuffle, you just shake the iPhone and you will automatically switch to shuffle mode.

Reading has also modernize along with the iPhone features. The iPhone has a great application called iBooks which lets you read books on the iPhone. The iPhone also has another great application called FaceTime Video Calling which allows you to video call with anyone as long as you have WI-FI connectivity. When you do not have your iPhone with you and you fear that you might have some missed calls, the iPhone will display it on its screen when you go to unlock it. You can have a great auto-fill option on the phone which you can fill out registrations automatically. But it only gets better lets say if you give your children a iPhone for Christmas and want to put parental controls on it, you can easily do that by putting a pass code on what you restrict on the iPhone.

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