What Is Rebar? Types Available and Uses

Rebar or reinforcing steel bar is used in the construction to localize the resistance and spread the load so that it gets distributed to wider areas. It provides the concrete with a support to withstand the tensile loads when the structure expands and contracts due to variation in temperature under different climate conditions. This concept is predominantly used to hold together the construction even if any crack appears.

These steel bars have ribbed surface allowing the concrete get a better grip on the metal. Before use, the material is soaked in water at high-level pressure. This is done to harden the outer layer while keeping its inner core soft so that it becomes flexible to easily absorb and distribute the tension when needed.

The strong bond established between the rebars and concrete provide better compression strength to the structure. This offers better endurance to the construction compared to the built done using normal smooth steel bars. It is also used to control and reduce concrete shrinkage that takes place over a period of time.

Rebars are available in more than one type. These are used in different structures as follows:

· Carbon Steel Reber – It is the most commonly used in almost all types of constructions. This is also known as ‘black bar’.

· Welded Wire Fabric – This type includes dense weaving of steel wires, mostly used in walls and structural floor slabs like road pavement, drainage, culverts, small concrete canals, etc.

· Epoxy-Coated – This rebar is resistant to corrosion, therefore are used in structures that are built in areas which will be in contact with water.

· European – These rebars are made of manganese and are most flexible among the lot. They are best suitable for use in the masonry structures in areas that prone to natural calamities like earthquakes, storm, etc.

· Stainless Steel – It is the most premium reinforcing bars available. It provides the best solution for areas that are prone to corrosion and repairing the damage is expensive.

· Galvanized – This rebar is resistance to corrosion. Thus, they are ideally used in heavy humidity regions like the coastal lands.

· Glass-Fiber-Reinforced-Polymer – This is a composite product like carbon fibre, which will not corrode, making it an unparallel choice for any construction.

Every masonry structure has different requirement for rebar. It is used in these depending on the area of tension. For example, in simple beams it is placed at the bottom of it, whereas if the same beam extends and crosses a column, the tension is on top of the column and hence the rebar is placed there to support.