Keyboard Keys Not Working on Laptop? How to Replace Keyboard

Some of your keyboard keys not working on your laptop what could possibly be the cause of this?

There are scenarios where your keyboard keys stop working on your laptop and you may be thinking of getting a replacement however this should not be your first choice whenever this arises. There can be several reasons why you keyboard keys are not working such as:

· The membrane could be damage located underneath the keys

· It can be a broken trace (printed wire)

· Particles may be lodge underneath the keys

· Keyboard connector may be loose

Damage membrane

The membrane is located under the keys of the keyboard which is a rubber mould which tempers the keys whenever it is press. This can be damage when extensive pressure is applied to any of they keys or it could be worn over a long period. If this is the case the membrane can be purchase at local computer stores or visit online store. In order to ascertain that this is the cause of the problem you can remove the key and observe the membrane if it stays down when pressure is applied.

Broken Trace

The trace is the printed wire which is very delicate and can also be damage when too much pressure is applied to the keyboard. In order to determine if there is a broken trace you will need to have a millimeter to trace the circuit and if there is a good trace then there will be resistance, if the trace is broken then there will be not resistance. The broken trace can be repaired if you are willing to do so or you can get a replacement keyboard.

Dirty Keyboard

Many of us are guilty of this point due to the type of environ we use our laptops in. We often eat; drink and constantly outdoor making the laptop vulnerable to particles lodging underneath the keys and this can be easily rectified by cleaning the keyboard with a mild brush, air spray dust remover or USB vacuum cleaner.

Keyboard Connector

The connector that is attached to laptop could be loose hence the keyboard is not responding to any key command. To rectify this mishap you will have to examine the laptop in order to determine how you are able to reach beneath the keyboard. Some laptops differ when removing the keyboard and may have to do some research providing you are familiar with what should be done or take it to a local technician.

All of this can be done by you providing you have the proper repair guide giving you step by step instructions.