Treatment For Wrinkles – 5 Ways to Fight Wrinkles

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Wrinkles can be so irritating and disturbing. People that have wrinkles do not like it but since they do not know the cure or remedy, they have accepted their fate. Wrinkles can be treated. From my research work, I have discovered 5 ways by which you can fight wrinkles.

1. Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight : One of the cause of wrinkles is exposure to ultra violet radiation from the sun. In other to manage or treat wrinkles, avoid excessive sun tanning. Do not always walk or work in the sun as this will expose you to the ultraviolet radiations from the sun which in turn causes wrinkles.

2. Drink a lot of water: When aging sets in, the skin loses its moisture and it becomes dry and starts cracking. To prevent this, it is advisable you drink a lot of water. This will go a long way to prevent wrinkles from appearing on the skin. The recommended daily intake of water for adults is between 2.2 liters to 3 liters. If you take plenty of water, it hydrates your skin and prevails dryness.

3. Take vitamins and minerals: Wrinkles also occurs as a result of the free radicals that destroy the collagen in the body. Foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals can help block these free radicals whereby preventing wrinkles. Examples of such foods are fish, cod liver oil, spinach, raw carrots, almond, milk, green peppers, straw berries, pawpaw, egg, tomatoes, green vegetables, etc.

4. Wear sun glasses to block sun rays from the skin around the eyes . Since the exposure of the skin to the sun causes wrinkles and wrinkles to appear quickly on the face, it is pertinent to wear glasses to prevent direct exposure of the face to sun light.

5. The use of moisturizing creams: Moisturizing creams keep the skin moist and soft always. This results the outer layer of the skin from being excessively dry.This method has been helpful to many people. It is then, advised to moisturize the skin in the morning and at night.

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