6 Safe-Guarding Tips for Traveling With Jewelry

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Traveling somewhere warm for some fun in the sun this winter? Or maybe the snow-packed slopes are calling your name. Whatever your destination, the jewelry you bring along may be the most valuable items you pack, so take a little extra care in your travel planning.

1. First, decide what jewelry you actually will wear at your destination. That special four-carat ring you wear for special events? Probably not. The fun cultured pearl strand that goes with just about every outfit … definitely.

2. Make a list of the jewelry you are taking. Bring one copy with you, storing it separately from your jewelry bag, and leave one copy at home. Some insurance companies even suggest taking pictures of your jewelry or recording your special items on your video camera.

3. If you're flying, pack jewelry in your carry-on bag, never in checked baggage where it will be a shiny temptation for security screeners. Or, wear the jewelry on your travel day, as long as it's not bulky metals that could set off security screening equipment. For extra security, slip a pendant inside a shirt or sweater that you're wearing or spin a ring around so only the plain band shows.

4. If you are traveling by train or auto, put jewelry in a bag that you personally carry into restaurants and to your resort room or condo. And keep it with you at all times. Do not leave the jewelry in an unattended car or suitcase. Also, do not let the hotel staff handle the bag … and potentially help themselves to your bling.

5. At your condo or resort, store jewelry in the in-room safe when you're not wearing it.

6. Make sure your jewelry is properly insured and that your insurance policy provides coverage wherever your travels take you.

A lost diamond or gemstone can really put a damper on your much anticipated vacation getaway. Have the peace of mind that as you head to your winter escape, your precious items are safe and sound. Happy travels!

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