Ashton Drake Dolls

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Ashton Drake dolls have been delighting families and doll fanatics for many years now. Drake dolls are a line of specialty, hand made dolls that have many different categories ranging from baby dolls, to child models, even to designs of celebrities like Hannah Montana.

What sets these dolls apart from other doll manufactures is the excellent quality. While prices range from very low to very high, even the least expensive designs are perfectly crafted and extremely realistic. Many people collect said dolls and have gathered hundreds of them. There are many different styles of Ashton Drake, but the most popular are there reborn baby creations. These dolls are made to look like real babies and often times many people can not tell the difference between a reborn creation and an actual child! Another popular category of the dolls are the miniature styles. These can fit in your hand and are 5.5 inches long. However, the detail on these are fantastic to behold and must have seen to believe. Also, the porcelain models are great for decorating the house, or any room that needs to be livened up.

Ashton Dolls have become so popular they have even spawned several different brands. Some of these brands include Emmy's World, which are extremely lifelike and detailed, Heavenly Handfuls which are very tiny dolls that fit in the palm of your hand and feature babies and even kittens. In addition, the So Truly Real collection has recently becoming extremely popular and these premium dolls are fantastic to behold.