Wi-Fi Patch Antenna

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IEEE standard 802.11 is commonly used for wireless networks. The wireless networks have many uses. It helps in the mobility and portability of he nodes. In other words the nodes are not tied to each other with wires. They are free to move within the network.

Among the various technologies of wireless networks, Wifi is one of the most promising and popular. The popularity of wifi network can be judged from the fact that many laptop manufacturers have manufactured such laptops which have inbuilt wifi. The wifi technology is now spreading to other devices also like mp3 players, toys, digital picture frame, portable phones and many other appliances, which have proved to be handy in our day-to-day life.

These days the wifi networks are established in most of the public places like libraries, coffee shops, offices, homes etc. The devices are now made with built-in wifi features.
But more equipments are now available which helps to enhance the present capability of wifi system.

The range of a wifi router or access device is around 300 ft is inside a room or 800 to 1000 feet outdoors. Any obstacle in the way of transmission can severely reduce the range of these devices. In order to increase and enhance the range of wifi devices, antennas are used.

Wifi patch antenna

A wifi patch antenna as the name suggests is very small and compact as compared to regular wifi antennas available. A wifi antenna adds about 8dBi to the access.

A wifi patch antenna is very light in weight and is definitely eye-catching.

Since wifi patch antenna is portable, it can prove to be very useful to persons who travel moat of the time like businessmen. With the help of wifi patch antenna the access area can be increased and internet can be accessed even if the person is some distance away from access point. A wifi patch antenna can also prove very useful in homes where there are large number of obstacles. A normal antenna would not function as efficiently as a patch antenna.

With increase in popularity of internet, there is a huge demand for more areas to be wifi enabled. People now want to access internet from any place away from home, office, in parks etc. The wifi patch antenna proves very useful in accessing the network far from any access points. This kind of antenna is becoming a necessity for people like businessmen. The wifi patch antenna is worth spending money on.