EPS Styrofoam for Theater Props


EPS, otherwise known as expanded polystyrene, is one of the most versatile materials in the world. They are easily shaped and waterproof so they make great set designs and theater props. EPS is an excellent insulator as well and it is extremely light weight. And the fact that it bonds instantly with paint means that you will have yourself some really excellent theater props. When your project calls for top notch and reliable material, you can turn to the makers of EPS. Plus, whether you need a few theater props for your next big production or a complex stage prop you can trust EPS.

EPS will make your next big production number absolutely perfect. Since EPS theater props are lightweight and reusable you will be able to save money on your theater props as well. Perfect for set walls and complex theater props, EPS will make your next big production look like a Broadway show!

If you are in the theater business, you know just how important a great stage is for your production. Maintaining the illusion on the stage is half the battle when it comes to a play. EPS can be painted and shaped into any item or theater prop you need. You can build a suit of armor or a big beautiful tree all from the same piece of EPS. In addition, since EPS is so lightweight, your players can wear some EPS protective armor and still be able to move around freely.

If you would like to learn about the history of EPS or if you want some clever ideas for your next big production, log on to UnivFoam.com. There are some great ideas for theater props along with some other EPS products that you might be interested in.