Vintage Decor For The Kitchen

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When it comes to redecorating, the kitchen is a favorite by far. Many consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home and is certainly the room where we spend most of our time so it makes sense to give it a cool decorator style.

One decorating style that is becoming very popular is a retro or vintage style and adding vintage decor to your kitchen.

When decorating, one should consider wall color, flooring, window treatments, furniture and, of course, accessories. To accentuate your vintage decor, you might want to consider using vintage tile on the walls or painting in vintage colors. Some popular color combinations for vintage kitchens include cream and green, red and white, pink and blue. These days even the 1970's retro styles are popular so you might even consider going with a harvest gold or avocado green and orange color scheme.

Your window treatments can have a big affect on the look of your vintage décor. One of my favorite ways to accent a vintage kitchen is to use vintage curtains. You can still find nice curtains from every era without paying an arm and leg for them and if you can not find something suitable, you can always cut up some vintage tablecloths or dish towels and make curtains out of them.

Decorative items are key to pulling your vintage décor look together. Even if you can not replace any other items – you can get a new look by changing the decorative accessories! Concentrate on getting tablecloths, dishware and canister, in colors and patterns that match your particular vintage decor style. Stainless steel canisters and breadboxes are quite popular as are metal canister sets in patterns such as cherries, plain pink and powder blue. Make sure to incorporate lots of vintage yard sale finds along with old interesting items as well as vintage plates, tablecloths and dish towels.

Use wall space to really show off your vintage finds. You can display collectibles and odd items on shelves or hang them right on the wall in groupings. Remember when displaying items it is better to group them in odd numbers and vary the height to add interest. When hanging items on the wall, place them in a geometric pattern which you can try out by placing them together on the floor first to see how it will look.

It does not have to take a lot of skill or money to get a great vintage look in the kitchen. Smart shopping and a good eye for vintage accessories is all it takes to have great vintage decor you'll enjoy every day.

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