Learn How to Do Blogging and Blog Commenting for Backlinks Properly

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Establishing Your Niche

Are you planning to create your own blog? The first thing you should consider before starting a blog is by selecting a particular niche. So, what is “niche” really means? Niche is a specific topic which should be the main focus of the blog. When you choose one, it should be about a specific field that you know you are good at – it might be about a specific sport, technology, might be about fashion, or politics, etc. If you want to gain a good reputation and sustain your readers, you need to supply great, valuable and sensible articles on your blog that will give a reason for your readers to stay longer and visit the blog regularly. Niche defines as your backbone that provides structure, balance and functioning for your blogs.

How to Increase your PR and SERP Through Blog Comments

After you have defined your niche, the next step will be, how to increase your Page Rank (PR) and Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is not a job you can do overnight. It requires good tools, analysis and of course, compelling articles. If you’re a new blogger and search over the web in ways to increase your PR and SERP, you would probably come across about how to get backlinks from blog commenting. Somehow, it’s sort of true and in other ways it isn’t helpful at all.

Very often, bloggers believe that through blog comments you can gain yourself some organic and quality backlinks. If that would be the case, bloggers would’ve probably flooded other blogs with comments just to receive lots of backlinks. Imagining that, readers would probably see blogs more of an eyesore with many links attached to it than being readable. However, commenting can really be a great source of good links if properly done. To make backlinks from blog commenting useful, here are some tips to remember:

Come up with a good strategy in making blog comments

Most common mistakes with blog commenting is the belief that the more you comment, the more you receive backlinks. An effective commenting strategy for you to get backlinks is to comment on the same niche as with your blog and do it effectively. Make and work out a plan on how many blogs you will be commenting; which blogs it should be; and how much time you will put in.

Build a reputation

When you comment, do not think that you are only doing it because you wanted to receive backlinks.Aside from the receiving backlinks from commenting, you will also be able to benefit through comments by gaining recognitions from fellow bloggers and readers. Earn a reputation by getting new readers and receive new comments from the blog owners themselves through your comment with the niche related backlinks.

Engage in the discussion naturally

When you comment, do not simply put something that would just depict that you just dropped by and didn’t actually read the entire post. Make your blog comments as though how you want others to comment on your blog.

Know which blogs to comment

Comment on blogs in your same niche. Choose those blogs that allow using of keywords, represent high Page Rank (PR) and blogs with good contents so you’d be able to receive quality niche related backlinks.

Evaluate the results

Determine the return of your investments when you do blog commenting for backlinks. By that, it means that you should be able to know your priorities and you will be able to conclude where to comment most, to achieve more traffic from your niche related backlinks for every comment that you do.

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