Titanium Jewelry Grows in Popularity – Now Wedding Bands Are The Latest Trend!

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I will not bore you with detailed descriptions on the science of titanium, firstly because I'm no real authority on the subject, but also because I want to talk about its use in modern day jewelry. Having said that, I think a simple introduction to titanium is necessary, just so an appreciation can be had for this special metal.

It was not used broadly until the late 1940's, when it was recognized as being one of the strongest readily available metals for its weight. Its uses are varied and are employed in a whole range of practical applications. It's significantly lighter than steel, around 45%, but almost as strong. It's actually about 55/60% heavier than aluminum but has twice the strength.

Anyhow, enough of the science and more on the jewelry. Recent years have seen a phenomenon in the interest of jewelry made from or including titanium. I would go as far to say that it has actually become all the rage of late, with every high street jewelers offering a range of designs in titanium rings, wedding bands (often with gold platinum and or diamond inlays), titanium bracelets, chains, and necklaces.

Most good jewelers are also available for custom orders, especially on titanium rings, and most are only too happy to assist you with any of your own personal ideas and designs that you may have. Titanium jewelry is also very popular with the men, and personally speaking, as a male, I like it for its light weight, its resistance to corrosion, and most importantly, for its strength. Titanium really is a very strong natural element metal that is heat, cold, and extreme pressure resistant making it a great choice for wedding bands in particular, which are often worn 24/7.

However, it think it's fair to point out that there's no such thing as the 'bullet proof' jewelry, no matter what it's made from, and titanium jewelry is no different. Well actually, that's not quite true, as it is different in as much as it takes one heck of a lot more time and abuse before it will show any signs of scratching than the other popular metals. Additionally, it will not break or wear down like soft metals such as platinum or gold for example, but given time, it will eventually become a little lackluster compared to its new state, but nothing in comparison to the others.

Titanium, as a metal, is less cost than platinum, but looks just as good in my opinion. At least to the untrained eye anyhow! What I particularly like about my wedding ring is that it does not cause any kind of skin irritation and it's extremely comfortable to wear. I think comfort is so important when something lives on your finger.

Titanium jewelry comes in many guises as mentioned above, but it's its popularity in wedding bands that has really taken off. If you're soon to be married and you have not yet selected or designed your rings yet, I think you should do yourself a favor by at least checking out the range of titanium wedding bands. You really will find a great variety or truly outstanding designs to choose from. Titanium wedding rings are as exquisite as any platinum or gold designs and should be on the 'options' list of any happy couple.

Titanium jewelry is here to stay and I can only see its popularity growing ever stronger over time.