Want to Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally? Add 3 Inches to Your Penis With These Easy Techniques

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Ever wondered how to make your penis bigger naturally? It’s a common question. Most men have no interest whatsoever in cosmetic penile augmentation. It’s expensive, rarely covered by health insurance, and the risk of unwelcome side effects is way too high.

The good news? You can easily make your penis bigger naturally by practicing a few simple methods. These methods are often called natural enlargement exercises.

These exercise techniques work to add both length, and girth (width). Although they may seem simple, they are powerful when performed correctly.

Here are two you can use today:

1) Stretching

The stretch is an excellent way to increase your length. It helps to strengthen and expand the tissues, muscle fibers, and ligaments in your penile shaft.

To stretch, take hold of your flaccid shaft about an inch below the head. Pull for about half a minute. You may feel a slight tingling sensation, but you should not feel any pain. If you feel pain, you are pulling too hard. Use medium strength.

Repeat the process in four different directions.

2) Jelqing

When most guys talk about enlargement exercises, they are referring to jelqing. It’s become a popular method to add size.

Jelqing increases the capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa, the chamber that becomes full of blood and fluids when you get an erection. This chamber is comprised of spongy tissues that respond to continued stress by expanding.

To do the basic jelq requires just your hands, a towel soaked in warm water, and lubricant. After a “warm up” with the towel to get the blood flowing, you’ll hold the bottom of your shaft in an “Ok” grip. Move your hand upward, all the way to right beneath the head, a movement that should last about three seconds.

When performed several times a week, these simple techniques can make you up to three inches bigger, in just a few months. There are dozens of advanced variations on these practices that are even more powerful.

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