Lindsay Lohan – A Short Biography

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When you think of Lindsay Lohan, do you think of her role in The Parent Trap, or who can forget her portrait of teen angst in Mean Girls. If you are a fan of Lindsay Lohan, let me give you a quick biography of her life.

She started off her successful career as a child model at the age of 3. She started modeling for popular companies like Toys R Us, Calvin Klein Kids, and Abercrombie Kids. In 1996, she starred in Another World, a popular day time soap opera. Lindsay Lohan became famous when she took on her first movie role, The Parent Trap. She played the role of twins who are trying to reunite their divorced parents.

She starred in Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis, and this film was a smashing success around the world over 160 million dollars worldwide. She did a few more films with Disney after this, but she really became a star and followed by the paparazzi when she starred in Mean Girls.

Afterwards, she starred in Herbie: Fully Loaded and several other roles. Lindsay Lohan took a hiatus due to personal issues, but she recently has gone back to acting full force. She also appeared in several episodes of Ugly Betty to everyone's surprise. She is considered one of the most talented actresses in all of Hollywood, and she is going to star in the Robert Rodriguez film Machete in April 2010. She will play the role of a savvy arm's dealer.

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