Importance of Lyrics for an Ideal Song

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Recently, while I was listening to music, I was thinking of lyrics and music of that song. Does lyrics play a prominent role or music in a song? Maybe this is the most common thinking that many of music listeners have them in mind. Let us gain some clarity for this confusion. Lyrics contain verses and choruses that make up a word and these words make a song. Any song before it is being done goes through several interpretations and to become an ideal song, it should have a message in it. Since lyrics are used to convey this message, it is definitely considered as important part of any song.

However, there are few songs that concentrate only on music rather than lyrics. Though lyrics are fine enough, if the music is not good then listeners won’t show interest in that song. Let us think that you have the best songwriter to write a beautiful yet lovely song, but if there are ugly music sounds in the background no one would show interest in it. Here comes the importance of music in a song.

It is not good to rely completely on lyrics or on music to make your song popular. Both of them have their own importance which is an acceptable truth. However, you can find many artists who become popular for their lyrics alone or music. The quality of song is determined by both lyrics and music. They both go hand-in-hand. Nowadays, lyrics have become the effective medium to convey any social message, especially to young people. We should never underestimate the power of lyrics, as this has more significance than ever. Every one of us relates ourselves to the lyrics in our special song and it becomes the important song in our lives.

We cannot imagine this world without music as it has become an essential part of our life. From celebrations to grief, every occasion begins and ends with a music. Music makes us feel and lyrics make us think. This is the reason we can emotionally relate to the song and it can manipulate our mood without our knowledge. Thus both the aspects of music and Lyric are equally important, but we should never ignore the meaning of lyrics as it can show an impact on the listener. The key element to be considered while listening to music is give Value to the lyrics and enjoy tune of music.

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