Making Your Small Bathroom Contemporary

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Most modern contemporary bathroom styles are known for their clean lines, wood finishes and a touch of modern artistry. This style is clam and quiet yet often features Asian-inspired effects. This style gives the opportunity to make your room stand out and have class all it's own. And relaxing colors, such as powder blue, pastel yellow or a light green, would really set the mood for a grand soaking tub.

Sometimes the term "Contemporary" is interchanged with the term "Modern". However the term modern is more of a way of life than a design concept. The contemporary style is simpler to achieve the traditional style. The curves are not as structured and you have the freedom to mix and match different lines. For instance you can chose a flat panel front drawer and pair it nicely with a engraved or powdered glass shower door with out any fear of "breaking the style". Most hotels utilize this design.

Key Features Of Contemporary Bathroom Styles

  • Stone or tile used for counter-tops, such as granite, marble, lime-stone and slate ..
  • Flat door and drawer fronts, no recessed panels.
  • Shapely faucets for the tub, shower and sink ..
  • Glass shower doors.
  • Hard window treatments, such as shutters, blinds or frosted glass.
  • Build in and hidden storage for the absence of clutter.
  • Simple metal knobs for the door, faucets and drawers.

The Tub

For the contemporary style bathroom more often than not a soaking tub is chosen instead of a whirlpool. Even bath-shower combo tubs with frosted glass doors.


A brushed stainless steel finish fits nicely in this design style with the minimalist approach.

Color Palate And Accessories

Bold colors and textures make a statement in the contemporary bathroom. Orange, blue, polished chrome fittings and stainless steel really make the most of enhancing all the elements.