Organizing the Home (or How to Keep the Dining Room Table Clear)

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There is a misconception that some people are born organized and others are not. If that were true, I would fall into the later category. My room was always a mess, I never planned things out, and spontaneity was always my style of order.

Now I'm a mom – and one that is working at home and homeschooling the kids. Organization is no longer a choice or a trait; it is the only way to survive. The "organized" people of the world have been kind enough to put out books and books about becoming decluttered in life and spirit, and I'm reading as many as I can find time to read. None of them are perfect, but they all have a bit of wisdom that I'm applying to my life.

1. Lists are not a bad thing – especially if you follow them. You just can not spend all day on making the list. I keep a To Do list on my desk. If I think about something I CAN NOT do right then (make a phone call or run an errand) then I jot it on my list. Other wise, I try to do it then. Also, I have a list of things that I need to do daily that I print out. It helps me to know what I have to accomplish through out the day.

2. Sit down at the table to eat all meals. Eating in front of the television is not just bad for the waistline, but it steals quality time from your family. The greatest benefit to eating at the table is that it can not become a clutter catcher. I noticed that our table was covered after just one day of not sitting down for meals.

3. Consistency is the key to a peaceful life. I started washing clothes on every Thursday. Now I PLAN for laundry on Thursday, the kids expect to get up and sort clothes on Thursday, and my husband expects an easy supper on Thursdays. By doing the same thing at the same time every body is ready and prepared for what is to come.

4. Make a list of chores cards and then have a drawing game every month to see who gets the privilege of doing what chores. The youngger kids can draw fewer cards or be assigned a buddy to help them out. Do it at the supper table when every one is present (maybe dad will volunteer to join the "game").

5. When in doubt, call in re-enforcements. I have a friend that will volunteer some time to help me if I get overwhelmed (although I try to always pay her something). If I have to go away for a couple of days or if things get too hectic because of one emergency or another (say there is an invasion of hundreds of red wasps in the attic that are coming in the house through the baby's room) then she is there to get things in some what of an order for me.

Organization is not always easy for me. Finding the time to organize as well as the determination to follow through has come from much trial and error (and is still being perfected). The more I do, the more I know how to do, and the more I want to get done. Maybe one of these days, I will be the organized wife my husband dreams about at night.