Tools Making Life Dangerously Soft

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As a silkscreen artist, I used to use a stencil or silkscreen film cutter which looks like a fat pen with a pointed blade. Since I’m also a graphic artist, I know that using this tool requires more handskill than drawing or painting. In the late 80’s, a new version of this tool became available. The amazing innovation was that the blade is now flexible -it bends and moves with the curve and line your hand is making! Then I realized just how hard was it to use the original solid model and how much skill was required to use it. The new model had made my job easier and is gentler to my hand. As years go by, the invention of tools and gadgets that saves us time and made life easier suddenly flooded the market. Are these tools good for us? Some people of the older generations don’t think so. A soft life is unhealthy they say and I agree with that. But I think overworked people are entitled to use these tools. Too hard a life is also bad for health.

Here is my list of tools that makes life too soft:

Swivel Chair

Instead of standing up that makes our blood circulate, we can just rotate or roll the chair. The cushion of the chair also stops blood circulation.

Public Laundries that Does All the Work for You

Manually squeezing and drying our clothes is just a small exercise. But no -this service will take that away from you.

Instant Food

A solution to manually preparing food. And I don’t have to mention the dangerous preservatives these food contain.

Remote Controls for Everything

For TV’s, aircons, power fans, sound systems, etc… We don’t need to stand up and flex some muscles.

Kitchen Gadgets

I think these gadgets amaze me the most. We have vegetable peeler, fruit corer, meat, vegetable, and fruit slicer, food dispenser, power dishwasher, blender, stirrer, coffee maker, and most of these have timers so you can sit back, continue relaxing and just wait for the beep.

Garage Power Tools

Electric saw, power drill, nail gun, power screw drivers -no more need to flex and exercise our hand muscles.

Now I’m sure I can add more tools and gadgets but enough for now. Imagine you use all these tools saving a lot of time and physical exercise. Where do we spend the saved time? Probably not for exercise but for more relaxation or late-night parties. Are these all good for our health?

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