Gothic Tattoos

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In recent times, it is seen that many youngsters are overwhelmed with gothic culture. It is an alternative subculture. It is both a kind of music and a fashion. Different people like different kinds of music. One may like a certain genre of music but that doesn’t mean he/she would dress up accordingly. In the same way, people who like to dress up like Goths do not necessarily like gothic music. However, in most cases it is seen that people who are specifically termed as metal heads are inclined towards the Gothic culture and especially the ‘Goth’ look.

This so-called Gothic look is basically all about the color black with the occasional outburst of red, white, and purple. The Goth look includes black hair & clothes, silver jewelry, unique style of makeup, with really pale faces and black eyeliners and nail polishes and the Gothic Tattoos.

Here in this article, we will be focusing on an important part of the Gothic look, which is ‘Gothic Tattoos’.

Gothic tattoos have developed to be a vital part of the gothic look. It represents the special sort of subculture that influenced mostly youngsters in both the United States and Europe simultaneously during the late 1970s. Unlike what many people think these tattoos do not concern ill will or evil but are a representation of mythological characters and religion that people practiced during medieval times. These tattoos have distinctive features that differentiate them from other kinds of tattoos.

Now you may be wondering what kind of tattoos are characterized as Gothic tattoos or Gothic Fantasy Art. This is exactly where it gets complicated. The people who are into the gothic culture have a very thrilling, diverse, and imaginative interests and tastes that are well reflected in their tattoos. Gothic cross tattoos are very popular and are usually covered in a lot of decoration, this is their way of celebrating the beauty of death.

A Gothic tattoo can be classified into two categories. They are:

Gothic fantasy art tattoos: images like the dragon, fairies, and the like are a major part of ‘Fantasy Tattoos’. These Gothic tattoos represent the interest and the beliefs of the people in medieval times. The images are inclined to be mythological and imaginary in nature.

Occult tattoos: this second category of Gothic tattoos deals with what may be called ‘Occult’. These images are associated with white witchcraft also known as Wicca, the Viking Runes, The Tarot, and other magic craft and prophesy.

Images like ‘Pentacle’ (the five-pointed star), the ‘Athame’ (a double-edged blade used for white witchcraft), and images related to the four elements (fire, water, earth and air) fall under the Wicca tattoos.

Many think these occult Gothic tattoos to be evil, but let me tell you this is a very wrong notion. These images are not evil and have nothing to do with ‘Satanism’. They are signs of prehistoric religions that Gothic tattoo enthusiasts dig out and celebrate by getting them etched on their bodies.

Gothic tattoos are very diverse and different from the regular tattoos, as they tend to reflect the various tastes and interests of people who consider themselves a part of the gothic lifestyle and culture. Different people have different opinions about gothic tattoos. Some Goth tattoos are more accepted than others by people. But in any case, not only do these images help portray some beautiful and intricate designs, they also usually convey messages to a deep meaning to them.

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