Rift Saboteur Guide – Planes of Telara Rogue Saboteur Guide

The Rift Rogue Saboteur will be one of the most popular souls among all the classes. It is highly unusual class and I can not say that I have seen a class quite like the Saboteur in all of Rift.

Unlike other classes, the Saboteur has no real direct attacks. Instead of using swords, daggers, or bows, the Saboteur attacks with bombs. Yes, you read that right; the Saboteur uses explosive to deal damage.

The Rift Saboteur has three primary attacks: charges, bombs, and traps. I will go over each one in order.

Charges are the primary offensive ability of the class. You can add charges (and mix charges of different types) to a target by using your abilities. Each time you use an ability, you add one charge to the target.

Once you have attached your charges to the target (you can place up to 5), you can use your Detonate ability to blow up the charges. Each charge has different effects.

For example, the Blast Charge ability is your primary ability. It deals direct damage once you blow the enemy up. However, you can also add other types of charges, such as the Splinter Charge which reduces arms and the Shrapnel Charge which deals area of ​​effect (AoE) damage.

The Spiked Charge deals damage over time and when talent offers the Saboteur the best DPS it can get. In fact, a Saboteur who keeps Spiked Charge active on a target (and alternates with something like Blast Charge or Shrapnel Charge) deals some of the best damage in the game.

In addition to charges, the Saboteur can uses bombs. Unlike charges, bombs take effect right away and have different effects. They generally have a cool-down (so they can not be used repeatedly) and are not meant to take place of charges but rather supplement them.

Some of the bombs available to the Saboteur include the Annihilation bomb (which deals heavy AoE damage and stuns the targets for 2 seconds) and the Chemical Bomb which deals area of ​​effect damage to anything inside its cloud.

Finally, Saboteurs have access to traps. Traps are somewhat like bombs in that they have special effects and are a supplement to charges. Instead of being thrown, traps are placed on the ground and you have to lure your enemy into them in order for them to go off.

Traps vary in effect, with some dealing damage and others snaring the enemy's movement speed. You can place a snaring trap near you and then when enemies close distance, lure them into it and run away.