Making Money on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace!

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The question for most Internet Marketers is you should be making money on Social Sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace? These are the top three most used sites though other sites like Linkedin, YouTube, Pownce, Yahoo, Delicious and Friendster to name a few have their following as well.

With these Social Sites acting as a Cyber ​​Worldwide meeting place, the question for all network marketers is how and should I try to monetize my use of these sites? Often, if you are a member of these site you will see posts advertising their business opportunity or product disguised cleverly at times and very obvious at other times. These are usually the persons you do not quite understand the Psychology of the prospective customer or recruits that they are targeting.

It has become apparent to many Top Producing Internet Marketers that a lot of money should, can and will be made on these sites. The question that is giving many marketers problems is how to monetize these sites without being perceived as the proverbial used car salesman trying to sell anything to everyone in site! The truth of this matter is that the majority of the subscribers to these sites are doing exactly that.

There are some, a small number of individuals who have learned the secret techniques of making money on Twitter and Facebook and Likedin. MySpace has become more of a Social Site for individuals who wish to share their own brand of interests and points of view, A Place where they feel they can be themselves with total anonymity. Many experienced Internet Marketers do not try to Market on MySpace.

The Technique that works on Social Sites to make money is to Network. Networking means building a relationship with those who share the same interests and wants to achieve the same things as you do. This takes time to develop just like any new relationship. The foundation for any successful relationship is Trust, Honesty, Communication and Bringing Value to the relationship.

There is a basic truth in Network Marketing and Direct Sales. That truth is People buy from People! They, you prospective buyer or recruit must feel that they can trust you. They must feel that you can bring value to there lives and help them to get what they want. They want to be sure that you will be honest with them and not tell them anything just to get on their good side so you can use them. This is all accomplished by communicating with them on a continuous basis and giving value to the relationship.

To often the marketer forgers that no one likes to be sold or pressured every time they see you or hear from you. Always having something to sell them. They forget the psychology of why people buy and join. They forget to put themselves into the shoes of these people they are trying so hard to sell or recruit. This method may get some results, but the fact of the matter is, overall they will do poorly.

When you network, you build relationships that should last a lifetime. If you take the time and help others to succeed by connecting them with others that can help them succeed and do not worry what's in it for you, then you can start to build value into the relationship. If you can teach or share knowledge that will help them and not try and sell them the information, you will build trust and loyalty. If you do not try to sell them every time they see or hear from you then they will begin to really like you. If you can share moments about yourself, your family or that trip you just took, you are developing friendship. This is the art of Networking.

Making money on the Social Sites like Twitter, Facebook and others is not only a Smart Marketing Campaign, it is also the best way to make life long friends and develop a massive network. A network that will allow you to succeed in many ares of Internet Marketing the rest of your life.

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