Barrel Racing Saddles

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Having the right saddle for you and your horse is a very important part of barrel racing. Riding in a fancy saddle with lots of bling will not help your run, but having a saddle that fits correctly can make the difference in winning and losing.

Saddle selection is important for many different reasons. The saddle must fit you and your horse, be the right kind of saddle for barrel racing and be within your price range. Saddles can be a very expensive investment, but they can last for years if they are taken care of. When choosing a saddle for your barrel horse the most important thing to do is make sure the saddle fits your horse. This means there are no pressure points to cause pain on the horse's back and the horse can move freely without the bars of the tree of the saddle interfering. There are barrel saddles being made with no bars, so some people may think that this means they can fit any horse comfortably. This is not true because the saddle can sit too far down on the horse's back, causing pain and interfering with movement. A saddle that causes pain to a horse's back can prevent the horse from making his best run. It can also cause soreness issues, behavioral problems and performance problems.

There are things to look for if you suspect your saddle does not fit your horse. After a ride where your horse becomes sweaty under the saddle pad, if there are any dry areas under the pad this may be a pressure point. Many times the entire back will be wet with one circle on each side of the horse's back that is dry. This dry circle appears in the center of a wet area, obviously dryer than the rest of the back. This means that the saddle is putting most of the pressure and weight of you and the saddle in these spots on the horse's back. Sometimes a sore will appear and the hair will fall out because the skin is being damaged. If you find dry areas like this under your saddle pad, immediately stop using that saddle. Thicker or thinner saddle pads will not correct this problem, but may mask it for a while. The only solution is to get a different saddle.

When buying a new saddle, many times dealers will allow you to pay for the saddle and try it out for a certain number of days. If the saddle fits, it is yours. If it does not fit you can exchange it for a different saddle or get most of your money back, minus a re-stocking fee. A new barrel saddle can be very expensive, costing a thousand dollars or more. Cheaper saddles can be found, but many times they are of much cheaper quality. The higher priced saddles are usually made with top quality leather and hardware. These saddles can last for many years or even decades if taken care of. When looking at barrel saddles, keep in mind what you are looking to spend. If you find a saddle that fits your horse and you very well, but is out of your price range, consider saving until you can afford it. A great fitting saddle is hard to come by, and in barrel racing a properly fitting saddle is the most important piece of equipment.

Another key element of a great saddle is making sure it fits your body correctly. There are many different sized saddles out there but most of them fit differently depending on the style and brand. A saddle that does not fit you properly can be uncomfortable and cause you to lose your balance. Most barrel saddles are made to keep you in with a high cantle in the back and rough-out leather on the jockeys and fenders. The horn is typically taller than a pleasure saddle so you can grab on to it in a rough turn. There are barrel saddles made that help your legs remain more forward and stirrups that hold your feet at a different angle than average stirrups. Many variations are made to these things and it comes down to your preference.

When buying a barrel saddle make sure it fits your horse, you and then your budget. Settling for a saddle that does not fit these three categories will not help you make a winning run and may cause more problems to your barrel racing program.

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