The Strength and Beauty of Bamboo Kitchen Flooring

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Bamboo kitchen flooring is made from the fastest growing plant on earth. It grows faster that hardwood. Bamboo flooring is quickly becoming the hottest trend in kitchen design today. Because of the rising cost of hardwood and the problems of deforestation bamboo is being seen as a good alternative to hardwood. Besides being quite beautiful it is a more renewable resource.

Although bamboo, like wood, is firm and strong, it is actually a grass, which grows much faster than most trees. The stalks of bamboo reach maturity in only a few years, as opposed to the decades it takes for trees to develop and mature. Certain wood species can take as long as 50 years to mature. The bamboo tree will usually mature in about five or six years.

Bamboo is also known for being versatile. It has at least three floor styles. The first two are vertical and horizontal grain. The third style is called strand and has a woven impression to it. This type has more density and is two times harder that standard bamboo.

Bamboo kitchen Flooring lets you bring the beauty of the outdoors into your kitchen. Bamboo kitchen flooring is known for being quite durable and strong. Bamboo kitchen flooring has some of the same characteristics of hardwood floor when it comes to durability. Among the characteristics of bamboo that has good fire and water resistance.

It is reliably easy to maintain bamboo kitchen flooring. Some light mopping and sweeping is required. This is because bamboo is susceptible to scratches so that dirt, sand and other particles can cause some damage. You should also avoid using household cleaners on your bamboo kitchen floor.

Today you need not be worried about whether or not a bamboo floor will match your favorite color scheme, since it is possible to be able to choose just about any color you want. Many people love the natural look of bamboo floor but want something just a little different. Today some of the major producers of bamboo kitchen flooring are now making this flooring stained in a wide range of color choices. The grain is still visible, and one may be able to choose dark or subtle shades. Therefore there are many color choices is to suit most homeowners. Many homeowners will select the classic natural color options that will be compatible with practically any decor.

Most kitchen bamboo flooring is laminated. The floors are made up of solid strips of bamboo that are joined together into a solid bamboo laminate. The resulting product is a durable, warp- insect- and moisture-resistant flooring material that is warp and moisture-resistant and that looks like wood. It is ideal for use in kitchen flooring.

Locating the best keys on bamboo kitchen flooring is easy when using the Internet. Online shopping permits you to access some of the most beautiful bamboo kitchen flooring for the best price. No where else will you find the selection you can on the Internet. It is also easier to do research and to be able to comparison shop online for your bamboo kitchen flooring selection.

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