Solar Lights – A Way to Lighting Up Your Yard After Dark

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Illuminating gardens, decks and walkways at night with outdoor lighting can create a whole new look and feel around your home. People choose outdoor lighting for a variety of reasons:

Accenting trees, shrubs, planting beds or architectural features to turn them into focal points.

Illuminated paths, steps and walkways to make navigating them easier.

Security lighting to make your property more secure.

Adding outdoor lighting can be very easy. The first step is to choose a system that's right for you. There are a wide variety of options to choose from and prices to fit just about any budget. Solar lights are a popular choice because there's no wiring to install and no electricity bill to pay. They may cost more than other options, but you do save a little on your electric bills and you can move them around a lot easier than ones that are hard-wired.

The most widely used type of outdoor lighting utilizes solar power. Solar lights are economical, safe and easy to install. A nice feature about solar lights is that the lights can be easily moved to compensate for plant growth or for different lighting effects.
A couple of options for solar lighting would be:

Globe lights are designed to cast small pools of light on the ground. They're ideal for softly illuminating the edge of the patio.

Floodlights send out a stronger, focused beam of light – perfect for highlighting a specific tree, bush or area of ​​the yard or garden.

To get started, develop a diagram and lay all the lights on the ground where you want them. Adjust until the location and spacing is to your liking. Once you are satisfied where they should go, push them into the ground. If they do not look right, pull them up and move them. It's as simple as that.

A few lights in the right places can give your yard or garden a magical feel at night. The simple do-it-yourself installation allows anyone to setup professional type lighting at a fraction of the cost that a professional would charge. Installation of solar lights could not be easier. Because there is no wiring and no dangerous mains voltage, they can be set almost anywhere to create new focal points for evening viewing.

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