Male Pattern Baldness on One Side – What is the Real Cause?

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You cannot have male pattern baldness on one side of your head. If you have hair loss that affects only one spot, other than the crown or top of the head, then you do not have the same problem that affects about half of all men by the time they reach the age of 50.

If the spotty hair loss occurred suddenly, you need to see your doctor. A cause should be determined as soon as possible. Spotty hair loss is sometimes caused by exposure to toxins, nutritional deficiency or more commonly from physical or psychological stress.

Because the hair-producing follicles go through cycles, a stressful event that occurs today will cause sudden hair loss in about two months. The hair will start to fall out in handfuls. The condition is referred to as Telogen effluvium.

Telogen effluvium is self-resolving. There is no need for any treatment except patience, unless the stress on the body was caused by another health problem. Either way, it is best to consult your doctor.

Of course, men’s heads are different due to genetics and development while in the womb. Something that happened during the birth process could also have changed the shape of the head. So, it could look like a man had male pattern baldness on one side more than on the other. But, the patterns of hair loss are very consistent. That’s why it’s called that.

There is a saying that wearing a tight hat causes hair loss. While that’s not likely to be true, wearing a hat does cause breakage and split ends. If the scalp and the hats are not washed frequently, a skin infection can occur, which, if left untreated can cause hair loss.

You might think that you have male pattern baldness on one side only, because the process is just starting. If you are between the ages of 18 and 41, your father or one of your grandfathers was bald or balding, you likely have the beginnings of androgenic alopecia. If you start treatment now, you may be able to stop the process. The condition can start at older ages. Usually, some alopecia is seen by the age of 50. By the age of 80, there will be an obvious problem, if going bald “runs” in your family.

Regardless of your age or family history, if you think that you have male pattern baldness on one side, only, you should check with your doctor. Just don’t accept a prescription for finasteride. Sold under the brand name Propecia in the US and Proscar in other parts of the world, the drug is accompanied by serious side effects that do not resolve when a person stops taking it.

Hormonal specialists recommend against the use of Finasteride, because it can cause erectile dysfunction that is very difficult to treat. There are safe and effective treatments for hair loss. If what you see as male pattern baldness on one side turns out to be age or hormone-related hair loss, try the safe approaches, before you resort to anything else.

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