Components of Victorian Decor

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The Victorian style of decorating involves a combination of antique accessories and modern technology in order to make your home extremely appealing. It does not matter if you live in an old family estate or a modern new house, you can use the Victorian style of decorating by making some small changes such as painting the walls and hanging some accessories from the period in order to incorporate some style from the Victorian era into your home.

Components of Victorian Decorating

One of the major components of the Victorian style of decorating includes wall coverings and accessories. These styles focuses primarily on the color scheme such as reds, dark hues, and any accessories that have vintage appeal. Depending upon the style, you may also add a variety of color to the wall or in your chosen accessories. Choose wallpaper that falls within the antique class, then border sets along your walls; for a different idea, use paint combined with stenciling. There is no need to be too elaborate or spend an excess amount of money. If you do not like anything too colorful, use a neutral color on the walls and allow the accents to decorate the room.

Your flooring can help or hinder your Indian Victorian décor, but in the event there is not a way to replace your flooring, use Victorian design area rugs. An excellent choice in rugs to use with this décor is the Oriental ones, and it's possible to purchase genuine rugs or if you have budget constraints, reproductions at a much lower cost.

Accessories are essential to your home's Victorian décor style. Direct your efforts toward purchasing some vintage photographs, works of art, and clocks for the mantle that coordinate with your décor. You'll also need antiques and period curios. In addition, period fabrics in addition to vases to which you have added flowers will add a special something that provides your house with the look of professionalism.

Light fixtures and Furniture

Your light fixtures need to be correctly styled and of the right type to match your Victorian décor. Some of the possibilities are old-fashioned lights for the ceiling and lamps that have silk fringe shades, but you want to avoid anything that looks primal or country. You also want to include both table lamps and wall sconces.

Your furniture needs to be in a Victorian style, but there is no need to buy antiques. When it comes to your sofa, you may want to look at buying a reproduction because sofas from the Victorian era are not comfortable at all. On the other hand, you should purchase end tables and knick-knack cabinets from an antique dealer because he modern pieces lack the beauty of the pieces from the Victorian era.

Windows and Walls

An excellent look for your living room or family room is that of layered draperies, curtains of velvet, or curtains of different fabrics that are heavily draped. Fortunately, there are many different treatments for your windows that pair exquisitely with this theme, especially if you match both your fabrics and your window treatments. You must be careful, however, to avoid any modern window coverings.

Finally, do not overlook your walls when decorating. Great wall décor can make the worst looking walls look fabulous. Simply adding some vintage paintings along with old photographs will provide add an interesting aura to your walls and give it some real charm.

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