Using Tuscan Decor in Your Kitchen

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It does not matter whether you are an expert chef or if you simply use your kitchen to microwave ready meals, it is thought that the kitchen is one of the main rooms which we spend our time in. This means that when it comes to decorating, the kitchen is often a high priority. A particular design which is being more frequently used in the kitchen these days is Tuscan style decorating and it can look really warm and homely if done properly.

Why Should You Use Tuscan Decor in Your Kitchen?

Tuscan style decorating allows the kitchen to look warm and inviting. Taking its inspiration from the Italian Renaissance, Tuscan decor can help bring out the creativity or all artists and writers and it provides the perfect backdrop for entertainment. One of the bets things about Tuscan style decorating is the fact that it is extremely easy to achieve it.

How to Achieve a Tuscan Theme in the Kitchen

I order to achieve a Tuscan style design within the kitchen; you need to think about what a Tuscan design actually is. It comes straight from Italy and due to its climate; the look of the kitchen should be warm and inviting. You want something which still looks inviting and warm despite the fact that it is raining outside. This is not as hard to achieve as you may imagine and if you have the money there are so many changes which you can make, including making the windows bigger to let in more natural light.

Classical art is what mainly inspires the Tuscan theme and an excellent material to use in the kitchen to make use of this is marble. Marble offers a timeless look which is really smooth to touch. Gold accessories and brass ornaments can also go really well and it is the accessories which really help to finish off the whole Tuscan look. The reason that these types of metals are regularly used with Tuscan style decorating is because they were used by the artists during the Italian Renaissance.

Tuscan kitchens tend to be clutter free because the families are excellent at cooking and they love to have the whole family helping out in the kitchen. With a lot of clutter this would just not be possible so try to make sure that when you are designing the kitchen that you use as man organization tools as you can. You should also try and make it open plan too as this will really help to add a family type atmosphere to the kitchen.

Overall a Tuscan style kitchen is not hard to achieve and you can make little changes if you do not have the money to make larger ones; either way you will create a more inviting atmosphere. You can finish off the look with real Italian cooking utensils and small gold colored accessories too.

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