Shabby Chic Decor – Stylish Elegance

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The Shabby Chic bedding is a simple but stylish type of décor which has been gaining popularity in the past years. The Shabby Chic bedding has a comfortable, cozy and comfortable bathroom. This method of décor uses bedding, linens and window treatments with a touch of classic sophistication. The Shabby Chic look uses use of 100% cotton bedding in colors like subtle blues, pinks, and various shades combined with stripes, floral especially rose patterns and checks. The overall look is pleasant and appealing.

The Shabby Chic bedding was designed with a special focus on children and taking into consideration the hectic lifestyles of today. These beddings designed by Rachel Ashwell are aimed with the wash and use concept and are kid and dog friendly.

If you want a bedroom which has a complete elegant look completed with classic styling then Shabby Chic is the way to go. Shabby Chic fabrics have a wide range and can be used as curtains, chair covers, attractive pillows, table runners and even for lampshades.

The Cottage look of the yesteryears has been loved by many. If you too are an admirer of the Cottage look, then you will like the Shabby Chic designer bedding which has a welcoming charm and appeal. The Shabby Chic bedding has an element of the shabby look complemented with the comfort and class of the vintage feel. If you appreciate this type of décor and keep a constant lookout for it, you can certainly add to the treasure of your Shabby Chic décor.

While hunting for Shabby Chic pieces however, there are a few basic questions you need to ask yourself. Does the item you intend to buy have the character you want your bedroom to portray for example the French Country or Cottage look? Does the piece have a vintage look or does it simply give an old discarded feeling?

If selected and put together sensibly, the Shabby Chic designer bedding can make your bedroom your most favorite room which will be complete with comfort, style and vintage elegance.

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