Importing Handbags and Luggage

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Importing bags and luggage has become big business but there are some things that you need to know before setting up such a business.

  • Designer copies – these products are illegal and you may end up having your bags seized at customs, being fined and possibly facing a breach of copyright charge from the design owner.
  • Bags such as straw baskets and cane purses will be subject to Quarrantine
  • Leather bags will not need to be quarantined but may be examined to see that the leather is properly processed and not from an endangered species.
  • Luggage for Children – needs to meet Australian standards  for the bag and its components.
  • Bags and luggage can be bulky to ship and this will affect your overall costing.
  • There are clear labelling requirements for bags that are made from leather and imitation leather. Labels need to include the country of origin and a true description of the bags.

That was some warning information. Now what about looking at what you can do?

Why not design your own range of bags or luggage? You can have personalised fabric created using specific colours. You can brand it with your logo. You can choose the manufacturer and have the process  monitored along the way. Bags start from only US$1.

My favourite are evening bags – elegant and sophisticated or vibrant and fun. Why not create a signature range? Source fabric and fittings and create your own line.

PU bags have no duty so you can go wild here and look for stylish handbags or tote bags. There is a growing market for synthetic bags and purses which look like leather or crocodile skin.

Enviro bags are popular especially for promotional items. There are varying weights so you could create bags for school or shopping or even as backpacks. You are only limited by your imagination.

Benefits of importing are endless so take time out to really think about all the possibilities, your own designer range of luggage, kids designer luggage – not much competition there. Wallets, purses, totes, no-one has done anything exciting in this area for years. Just think of the fun you could have with your own creations.


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