14 Fun Things to Do in the Holidays – No More Bored Children!

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Whether you need ideas for fun things to do on holiday or fun things to do at home, read on and discover how easy it can be!

  1. Visit your local library and take out several books to inspire with new ideas such as cookery, insects, history of your area etc. that could be made into an activity. Holiday times can also be opportunities for everyone to read some different fiction books. If you have young children, you might be able to time your visit to join in a story time, if your library provides this.

  2. Give everyone a container, put your old clothes on and have an afternoon in the country to pick some blackberries (late Summer). Ideal for the end of the Summer holidays when you have tried everything else. Then, you can make some yummy jam. Delicious! Save jam jars beforehand. Take a jar round to an elderly neighbor as an opportunity to visit them with your child. A good cookery book can provide many fun things to do with blackberries.

  3. Get on your bikes (great things when bored) and take off with a picnic to explore places you never get to see in the car. Check the bikes are roadworthy beforehand and teach them how to sort out the simple things themselves. Get them to help plan the route using a simple map.

  4. Make an outing of the weekly grocery shop by going somewhere different. Get them involved in planning and buying the next day's picnic as a bit of a project, talking beforehand about what they might include to make it a balanced meal. Get the children to help find and then pack items and reward everyone with a nice drink in the nearest cafe afterwards.

  5. Investigate and participate in local events, making use of vouchers in local papers.

  6. Explore local beauty spots where you could find many fun things to do with children, such as a sandy beach for swimming and sand sculpturing, a forest to build a den, or a mountain to climb to discover who has the most endurance!

  7. Make playdough and let the kids play (save for rainy days). A library book could provide ideas of fun things to do with playdough.

  8. Make shakers out of yoghurt pots and dried beans, put on some music and sing along with your favorite songs.

  9. An Autumn walk collecting leaves and later pressing and rubbing them. There are many fun things to do in the different seasons, but Autumn is a great opportunity to create some impressive artwork.

  10. Make decorations together or cards and gifts.

  11. Scrap modeling. There are many fun things to do with empty yoghurt pots, cereal boxes etc. which you should start collecting before the holidays.

  12. Practice performing a show, bake cookies and invite friends or family around to enjoy it. A small entrance fee could even be charged and given on to a local charity which the children could choose and find out about themselves.

  13. Set up a table in the front garden / garage and sell unwanted toys, clothes and bric-a-brac. Bake cookies and sell as well as an extra attraction. Any money made could be put towards the next outing. A good opportunity for them to give their rooms a big tidy and sort out! Doing such things when bored can be a great incentive when there is a reward at the end!

  14. Go clothes shopping at another town, including a break at half time, perhaps promoting lunch at MacDonalds to inspire good behavior (use up any collected vouchers).

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