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People who sell jewelry to jewelry resellers are dealing in wholesale jewelry. This is a business that can be easily established online. As per regulations a license is needed to start a wholesale jewelry online store. This license can be obtained from the local chamber of commerce.

Once the license is through you can start looking for wholesale jewelry suppliers from whom you can source jewelry pieces. Your wholesale jewelry supplier could be either a jewelry designer or a buyer. If he is a jewelry designer you will be able to directly deal with him and sort out any issues related to design.

However, if the wholesale jewelry supplier is a buyer who buys large stock lots of jewelry at low prices and sells them to online stores like yours, issues related to design and quality will need to be handled differently. Specific guidelines are decide upon for handling the return of unsold stock, replacement of damaged or low quality pieces, terms of payment and the like.

Once you have decided upon the pieces that you will be dealing in to start with, it is time to make an online brochure. Hire experts who can take flattering photographs of jewelry pieces. Classify and arrange them in a certain order with the help of website developers. Pay a lot of attention to details about the pieces that go into the brochure. Customers place equal emphasis on quality and looks.

Websites of stores that deal in wholesale jewelry online should feature a wide variety. Prospective customers find it useful if the information is classified and arranged into broad categories. Websites of wholesale jewelry online stores should engage the services of professionals to optimize their website layout, content and other details to ensure steady traffic.

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