Parsons Chairs – A Great Way To Compliment Your Dining Room

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The chairs that accompany a table in a dinette set are important pieces of furniture; sometimes what is most important about them is that you do not necessarily have to choose the chairs that are featured with a dinette set's table. For this reason, a variety of individual chair styles exist to not only compliment the dining room table, but to also compliment the design of the dining room. Chairs come in many shapes, colors and sizes. They also come in many styles as well; parsons chairs are one of these styles.

Parsons chairs are a great way to incorporate rich colors, textures and fabric designs into your dining room area. This is a particularly important characteristic of parsons chairs, especially for novice room designers who want to contribute to the use of textures and patters into their décor but do not know where or how how to begin. The variety of designs and exquisite colors that can be incorporated in this piece of dining room furniture make it the perfect companion to the rooms' unique and captivating design, or design potential.

Parsons chairs have sat around the dining room table for a long period of time. And though the construction and material of parsons chairs have been consistent over time, the chair styles themselves have transitioned through the generations. This is why you can find parsons chairs to reflect almost any artistic time period. The Art Nouveau designs are known for fluidity and scroll-style backs. The Art Deco designs are the most common ones found, and parsons chairs in this style are more ornate and detailed with materials in colors more bold and exotic. The Mission style chairs are known for their incorporated richness and emphasis on lines in design.

When purchasing a parsons chair, the three most important elements are the back, legs and arm rests. Although parsons chairs can come without arm rests, those that do have the option of upholstered arm rests or basic wooden arm rests. The legs of parsons chairs can also be upholstered, or they can be tapered, turned, or fluted. The seatbacks of parsons chairs can be straight, scrolled or camel backed. Again, the artistic time period definitely plays a part in how the chair is designed. However, no matter how your dining room is designed, the bottom line is that there are plenty of decorating options to choose from. No matter your taste, you are destined to find a parsons chair that adds a simple touch of elegance and sophistication to your dining room décor.

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