Outdoor Teak Garden Furniture

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Teak is a very popular material that many homeowners prefer. They are durable, and easy enough to work with. That makes them the perfect materials for furniture, as skillful workmen can convert teak into beautiful and long lasting furniture pieces.

Usually, wood does not last long when placed in an outdoor environment. That is because when exposed to moisture and other elements such as insects and plant growth, wood does not last very long. Teak surprises everyone as it as natural oils that help protect itself from damage. That is why many homeowners prefer using teak for the garden. The materials create a more natural look, and they can last for many years. Here are some examples of complete teak furniture sets that you can consider buying for your garden.

St Helena Set.

The St Helena Set is a simple set of furniture. It comes with four foldaway chairs that can be easily stored away. Perhaps the most remarkable feature about this set of furniture is that the wood panels look thinner than most other furniture. One would expect teak furniture to be stable and heavy. But contrary to popular belief, the St Helena Set actually looks light and cheerful. This set of furniture is ideal for a sunny garden.

Alaska Dining Set.

The Alaska Dining Set is a close cousin of the St Helena Set. It is also light and cheerful looking, but it has rounded curves that the Helena set does not have. The curves create a more comfortable look. It's also safer if you have children running around, for they may knock into the corners incidentally. Like the Helena chairs, the chairs from this set can also be folded and stored away.

Sahara Dining Set.

The Sahara Dining Set is the completely opposite of the 2 sets mentioned above. This furniture set appears to be bulkier and heavier. One would expect it to be more stable as well. It comes in a rich and dark reddish brown. The table is a big piece of furniture, and it allows up to 6 people to be separated on its sides. On closer examination, this set of furniture looks almost majestic. Perhaps it's more suitable for larger gardens that require a more formal look.

Galicia Dining Set.

The Galicia Dining Set is an adorable set of dining furniture. It consist of one tiny round table, and 3 chairs. The surface looks polished and shiny. The moment you see this set of furniture, you can almost see yourself sitting in the garden with a couple of close friends, sipping strong tea and having the most enjoyable time. This furniture set is perfect for small gardens.

As you can see, teak is a material that is versatile enough to be transformed into furniture that looks drastically different. The sets range from tiny round tables to giant rectangular tables. But all look sturdy enough to withstand the harsh outdoors.