Fine Dining Places To Enjoy in Devon

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A great and well-recommended way for a more enjoyable family vacation in the English Riviera is to stay in one of the many beautiful holiday cottages in Devon. Some of the holiday cottages are pet-friendly, which means that you can take your pet along with you for your vacation. These are self-catering types of accommodations, giving the family the flexibility to do much more things during their vacation as compared to staying in a hotel. The children will enjoy playing and running in the wide gardens, which are located near many of the holiday cottages. The adults will find the full kitchens more than adequate for cooking meals for the family. Staying in one of the comfortable holiday cottages in Devon are also great vacation as it is since families can just sit back and relax after a full day of sight seeing within the beautiful English Riviera. But once in a while, it is also recommended to get out of the comfortable holiday cottages and enjoy many of the fine dining restaurants in town. Here are some of the best places to dine at while staying at the luxurious holiday cottages in Devon.

Bianco's Ristorante Italiano

Guests staying at one of the holiday cottages near or around Torwood Street are in it for a surprise with this well-recommended Italian restaurant, Bianco's Ristorante Italiano. It is a lovely place to dine with the whole family for lunch or for a romantic night out for the parents. It is a favorite among the locals and the tourists alike for its warm and beautiful ambiance and fantastic food. One of the best dishes prepared by the restaurant's chefs is the Tagliatella ala Marina with mussels, tarragon, prawns and special seafood sauce, cooked to perfection. Diners should also sample their other pasta dishes and oven baked pizzas that are a true delight. This restaurant is open daily from 6pm to 11pm. It is friendly to disabled guests, has separate smoking and non-smoking rooms, for the diners' comfort. You might also want to take some food back to your Devon holiday cottage.

La Fourchette Brasserie

A short drive from the holiday cottages will take you to this famous French restaurant. For five years, it has built a good reputation for serving locals and tourists with the best French cuisine. And of the last two years, it has been awarded as the best restaurant in the county. This is because of the freshness of their ingredients, delicious preparation and quality customer service.

First time diners are recommended to try these provisions that has garnered a lot of recognition from all its previous clients. The roasted duck breast with slivers of red peppers, Marseillaise fish soup with Gruyere cheeses and croutons, tenderloin pork with pineapple brochette and pilaf rice, are the most recommended. The other dishes that are also quite famous are the roasted duck breast with honey, Roasted rump of lamb baked with green beans, pilaf rice and roasted tomatoes. If these scrumptious foods do not make your mouth water, then nothing else will. The La Pourchette Brasserie also has a good range of desserts that are just as popular as its main dishes. Try the meringue parfait and raspberry sorbet to know why this restaurant is a favorite. Guests are recommended to take back to their holiday cottages in Devon some of these dishes to enjoy for later.

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