An Executive Cleaning Company's Secret Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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What are the commercial cleaning companies' secrets for keeping public or hotel bathrooms so tidy? It's hard to keep one family's bathroom spotless, let alone one used by multiple people. Ever surprised how the professionals do it? Here are a few tricks of the trade:

Clean the bathroom every day. This may seem excessive but if daily wipe up is done each and every day, it just does not get as dirty. A more thorough deep grime removal may need to be done every week or so, but a daily spray and sponging will keep it looking continuously neat:

Work from top to bottom so that the hair and debris falls to the floor. Wipe and vacuum the floors and baseboards as the final touch in order to leave a shiny floor.

Work from left to right so that you do not miss one portion of the room.

Keep all cleaning tools and products in a handy caddy to save time.

Dust and wipe light fixtures and switch plates.

Hot water loosens grime. Fill the sink and tub with a bit of hot water and let it set for a few minutes. Raise the temperature of the room by using the bathroom's heater, as well. Dirt comes off much more easily with a little bit of heat.

Spray cleanser on all surfaces, including tile walls, backsplashes, shower heads, and countertops.

Again, always work from top to bottom and left to right.

Allow toilet cleansers to stay unflushed for five to ten minutes. Then scrub and flush. The extra soaking time allows the toilet bowls to come away sparkling.

Scrub grit away from the sink and bathtub with scratch-free scouring pads and even an old toothbrush to get inside cracks and crevices.

Mirrors and glass should be wiped with a separate cloth and a cleanser designed specifically for glass.
Dry all surfaces with cotton or terry cloth to keep streaks from occurring.

The final step should be wiping and mopping the floors. Exit the bathroom as you finish the threshold to the doorway and there you have it, an immaculate bathroom, just like the commercial cleaning companies can do.

If you have a business or office building, you will want to have a commercial cleaning company who knows the bathroom cleaning tricks and more. When employing a professional crew to clean your commercial facility, you will be able to customize a schedule and cleaning needs that will work for your business.