Female Dog Heat Symptoms – The 3 Most Common Symptoms of Dog in Heat

Female dog heat symptoms can be recognized during what experts call the estrous cycle. While the estrous cycle takes place, your female dog has a high chance of getting pregnant if she has intercourse. In this article I will tell you all about the 3 most common symptoms of dog in heat and were you must learn all about them.

Female Dog Heat Symptoms

1. The most common dog heat symptom takes place during the first part of the estrous cycle. You can recognize it because she will have a high increase in urination and also the female dog’s vulva will swell. It is not as easy to detect in smaller dogs so you will have to pay close attention.

2. Another very common heat symptom is blood discharge from the dog’s vagina. So don’t worry if this happens, it is a common, natural symptoms of dog in heat. It doesn’t mean that she is sick.

3. Sometimes female dog heat symptoms are hard to recognize, but this one you can’t miss. Male dogs will follow the female dog like a magnet, they can easily recognize female dog heat from a distance, so they will even hang around your house. Be careful, during the heat cycle the female dog will allow the male to mount her, so don’t let her out of sight or not only will she end up pregnant, but she can get disease from street dogs.

The heat cycle lasts around 90 days and they have it approximately every 7 months. You can check for pregnancy by monitoring her progesterone levels.

Female dog heat symptoms are not to be taken lightly. Dog health and training can be a very complicated subject if you don’t know what you are doing. That is why I will point you towards a website that has a few reviews on the best dog information products out there, don’t think twice about purchasing them, they are a must have if you want your dog in good health (not only the symptoms of dog in heat) and properly trained.