Teenager Excuses For Doing Badly at School – Part 2

There are lots of excuses that teenagers use in order to avoid performing well at school. Misbehaving is normal among all children, but amongst teenagers it appears to be more rife. What are the excuses that your teenager uses to avoid good behavior?

We hear you teenagers coming up with your reasons. Here are some of our responses to some of your excuses:

Okay, okay, you did remember to bring your books home, but they were the wrong ones. I'm sure you can find the necessary work either on the Internet or in the multitudinous numbers of books that we have here at home or sometimes you can use the phone and phone one of your friends to find out what the work is. Your friends would always be pleased to help you just like we are.

Yes, you got detention again, yes, I understand that you say that you did nothing wrong. But how is it that you keep getting detention and other people do not? Surely you're not always thought to be doing things wrong when you're not? Surely it's not always other people that get you into trouble?

You say you were not there when the homework was set. Was anyone there? Why do not you phone them and find out what homework it is you have to do? Surely the only option is not to do no homework at all?

The best part is that we, too, used the same, or similar excuses in the past. And we are aware of them – just as you will be with your children.