Hawaiian Luau Party Games

The warm season is just the time to put together a few Hawaiian Luau party games for your next tropical themed cookout. Be sure to bring lots of energy and creativity for these games!

Body Art:

This Hawaiian Luau party game is more of a fun pastime than an actual game, but the guests will have a great time playing it. Depending on how old most of your guests are at the party you can make this game more or less risqué and it can also be made a little competitive if you give an award for the most artistic Hawaiian Luau body art.

Get the guests into groups of three and paint Hawaiian Luau themed pictures on each other's body. The guests can paint anywhere as long as their painting buddies agree. You'll also need body paints or face crayons, brushes and some water for these Hawaiian Luau party games. Spread out some newspapers to keep paint from coloring the carpet.

Crab Football:

These Hawaiian Luau party games are something like soccer played with the largest inflatable beach ball you can find. The game is a test of skill and agility, but the difference between Crab Football and regular soccer is that the players move around like crabs. Walk like a crab by standing on your hands and feet with torsos face up towards the sky. A small yard should be big enough for the guests at your Hawaiian Luau party games to move around in and keep this tropical game fun and everyone will have a great time. Do not forget to set up goals with goalsies for the crab walking players to try and kick the ball into during the Hawaiian Luau Party Games.

So if you liked these two Hawaiian Luau party games get out there and start putting together a great party with lots of friends and family.