How to Get Girls to Like You Or How to Identify Your Sticky Point With Girls

Let's be real: you read this because you want to get more girls – of course, that's what every guy wants. But more importantly you read this because you are not that good with girls. And you want to improve yourself. The thing is: In order to improve yourself, you need to know what to improve:

Maybe you are shy, maybe you have some nervous ticks speaking with women, maybe you play the funny guy to smooth over your insecurity. Or maybe your mind simply goes blank facing a beautiful girl. Maybe you do not care about grooming and looks. Maybe you endlessly search for the right moment to kiss the girl or do not use touching at all and always end up in the friends zone. There are many areas you can have difficulties in.

So, first you have to identify your problem, your sticking point with women. Here is what you can do to find out where your problem with girls might be:

1) Think about the past situations with women and what went wrong. Try to see the whole situation from her perspective – would you like this guy and would you think this guy has got girls in his life? If the answer is "no" – why? Compare yourself with successful guys – what do they do and you do not?

2) Ask your friends and try to get an honest answer on how they see interacting with women. Let them speak, do not interrupt and do not search for any excuses. Accept what they say – in most cases they see the right picture and you are the one who does not want to accept the reality. Most guys do not get over this point because admitting a weakness typically lowers your self-esteem. And nobody likes that. Here most of the guys never really get better with women. Be the difference: Accept that you have to change things and start working on it.

3) Tape yourself on video to see how other people perceive you. It really gives you a reality check. Practice as long as you finally like "this" guy on the tape and your results with girls will skyrocket as you will become much more self-confident. And self-confidence is what girls are really looking for in a guy as it demonstrates a high status.

4) Get more information on attraction and psychology (internet, book store). You have to be aware of the basic principles of human interaction. But do not overdo it. You do not need all the books, two or three are enough at the beginning. The information you get from them is only there to know why something works. But it's absolutely worthless if YOU do not use it in the real life. You only get better if you go out and approach girls. The lack of experience with girls is the number one reason why guys do not get the right results with girls. Here's how you get the most out of the information you receive: break it apart and try one thing after another. If you read something new, go out and try it (and only it) until you get the right results. Only then you can go on and try other stuff.