How to Eliminate Fine Lines and Wrinkles and Look 10 Years Younger

For most women, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles in ten minutes or less is a dream come true. And there are some expensive, exclusive, high end anti aging skin care products that deliver on their promise. But it helps to know what you're looking for before making a purchase.

Is the Cream Designed to Treat Lines Caused by Habitual Expressions?

Habitual furrowing of the brow, frowning and smiling can lead to wrinkles. Creases are caused by facial muscles tensing and holding a fixed position over time. But there are several formulas designed to relax facial muscles on contact, allowing fine lines and wrinkles to seemingly almost immediately disappear.

Does the Formula contain Idebone, Vitamin C or Reflective Particles?

Although they each perform different roles in anti aging skin creams, individualone, vitamin C and microscopic reflective particles all work with reasonable speed. If a formula is claiming to "smooth" away fine lines and remove wrinkles it probably contains one or more of these fast acting ingredients.

Are The Ingredients Supposed to Make Your Skin Behave Differently?

To work fast, a wrinkle cream needs to change the way your skin acts. If a regimen is designed to boost collagen or improve elasticity, it will probably take a lot longer to produce the desired result. But if it can increase the blood flow to the upper level skin cells, relax facial muscles or help the skin retain more moisture, it has the potential to work very quickly.

Warning: The Quick Fix Is Short Lived

Unfortunately, most fast fixes are temporary. They either plump up and fill wrinkles or effectively hide them, but the effect usually wears off once the product is removed. And the products that do have a cumulative effect over time often do not produce immediate results.

Warning: The Quick Fix Is Not Cheap

Although there are products that can quickly remove wrinkles and fine lines, the ingredients are expensive and so are the formulas containing them in effective quantities. If you run into an inexpensive wrinkle cream promising quick results, beware. You usually get exactly what you pay for.

So, if you're looking for a product that removes fine lines and wrinkles in ten minutes or less, you can find what you want and get younger looking skin if you're careful when shopping around.