How to Make a Woman Orgasm With Your Tongue – 3 Oral Sex Tips to Drive Your Woman Crazy

When you make a woman orgasm with your tongue it gives you a great feeling of sexual power because not many men are skilled enough lovers to give women oral orgasms. The look on her face is also worth it’s weight in gold as her eyes bulge and her smile gets bigger and bigger.

Here’s three oral sex tips to make a woman orgasm with your tongue.

1. Be sure to have a shave before a cunnilingus session, just imagine how uncomfortable it would be for her if your whiskers are rubbing on the most sensitive part of her body. Also to be sure your woman smells good run her a bath and give her a glass of wine while she bathes. This will not only make sure she is fresh down there but will also relax her which is essential if you want to make a woman orgasm with your tongue.

2. Foreplay is the next important step but foreplay where you skip her breasts and her vagina. Kiss and stroke her every where else until she can’t take any more and pushes your head down.

3. Now your down there don’t blow it by thinking that you just need to give it a lick. To make a woman orgasm with your tongue you need to be caring and gentle. There are literally tens of thousands of pleasure points down there so make sure you know your way around. Last but not least is her clitoris, this should not be stimulated until it shows itself. Her clitoris is hidden underneath a hood of skin and when your woman is sufficiently aroused it will pop out. When it does a few licks and flicks will give her an oral orgasm in seconds.

Those are just basic oral sex tips that with a little practice will make any woman orgasm with your tongue.